McCrea 1971 Soundtrack

by Various Artists

Dan Caro is a musician with two decades of recording, performing, and composing experience. His original compositions for McCrea 1971 are his first foray into film scoring. Using his expertise in drums and melodic percussion, Dan blends classical and jazz concepts to create his unique soundscapes. In addition to his musical pursuits, Dan is also an author and inspirational speaker. Originally hailing from New Orleans, he now resides in San Francisco.

Blake Durham is a musicology doctoral student at the University of Oxford conducting ethnographic research into online and offline practices of digital music circulation and consumption. Graduate of Goldsmiths, University of London and Loyola University New Orleans.

The Blackbelt Band was created in 2005 by New Orleans natives Travis Thompson, Kevin Comarda, and Ryan Iriarte. The experimentally, progressive rock band released their first full-length album, A New Community, on Chicago’s Sickroom Records. In 2009, the addition of multi-instrumentalist, Shea Mansfield, coupled with an ever-growing production value at The Living Room Recording Studio, gave way to a more focused approach to sound arrangement. Spoken through nuanced songwriting and driving percussion, the second full-length album, BLCKBLT, highlights a long-established musical relationship between the involved artists and engineers as if it were a second language.

The Self-Help Tapes, a moniker donned by New Orleans artist/musician Kevin Comarda, is a songwriting/sound project initially created to “satisfy some demons” during breaks in between other musical endeavours. Originally rooted in ambient textures and layered looping, the project quickly shifted to include a more “conventional” songwriting element. The moodiness from it’s original inception, combined with an honest and intimate songwriter’s approach is what brings this ambient-folk sound to life.