It's A Beautiful Day

Formed in 1967 in the midst of a burgeoning music scene that boasted the likes of Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Santana, and Big Brother and the Holding Company, It's A Beautiful Day never attained the level of popular notoriety enjoyed by some of their Bay Area peers. Despite this, their evocative and eclectic sound won them a loyal worldwide fan base. Their 1969 single "White Bird" remains one of the classics of American rock music in the late 60s.

It's A Beautiful Day's set at Celebration of Life stands out as one of the bright spots of the festival in the memories of many who attended. Guitarist Billy Gregory, who appears in McCrea 1971 and is today a mainstay of the New Orleans blues scene, played his first show with It's A Beautiful Day only three months before the band's appearance at the Celebration of Life.